Pvc Membrane Foil

PVC foil is widely used today and is known for both decoration and durability. The product is made of plastic raw material, but does not contain any harmful substances.
pvc membrane foil

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PVC foil is widely used today and is known for both decoration and durability. The product is made of plastic raw material, but does not contain any harmful substances. Therefore, its preferability has increased continuously in recent years and continues to increase. One of the most important reasons of preference is that it is easy to apply. For example; you want to change the furniture in your home, but you don't have enough budget to buy a new one. In such a case, PVC foil is a miracle. With its aesthetic appearance and ease of application, it is completely suitable for your budget. You can cover your furniture with the color and design you want and in return you pay a very small number. And as a result, you have reached your dream home and decoration.

There are many suppliers of PVC foil in Turkey. However, in terms of both product quality and material used, Anka Dekor is one of the leading suppliers. Anka Dekor always follows the latest technology and produces the most durable and highest quality products for you. Anka Dekorun PVC foil variety is quite large. Foils consist of 3 stages according to their brightness. Superfine matt, matte and glossy PVC foils are produced in 3 different designs and designs.

  • One of the most important reasons why PVC foil is preferred is that it does not contain dirt. For example; When you look at the incident through the eyes of a housewife, the most curious thing a housewife uses in the material she uses is whether she keeps dirt or not. Because if a material is holding dirt, cleaning turns into a nightmare at home and housewives are not pleased with this situation. That's why Anka Decor PVC foils can be preferred in every area of your house because it never keeps dirt and is easy to clean.
  • For example, you can use your PVC foils to cover your doors. Most often, house designs and door designs are incompatible with each other. In this case, disrupts the integrity of the home. Solving this situation Anka Decor is very easy with PVC foils because your doors can be covered with PVC foil and made compatible with your home. As in furniture, PVC foils used in doors never stain and easy to clean. Also, if you have children in your home, PVC foils will never jeopardize the health of your children. Because it does not collect dirt, it does not accumulate bacteria.
  • PVC foils are divided into two categories; as door foils and cover foils. If you are going to use for your doors, it is recommended to use matt PVC foil types. But if you are going to use it for covers, you can make three different designs: mat, super matte and glossy mats. For example, if you like vibrant and radiant colors, you can choose glossy foil. (Glossy cover models with pearlescent, wood pattern, solid color, hologram, can be silvery or 3-size) But if you like simplicity and calm color tones, you can choose our matte foils. (Mat types are usually wood patterned and can give a pearl appearance) Anka Decor is inspired by your imagination and creativity offers you a better world.
  • PVC foils can be sold in desired sizes and dimensions.
  • Anka Dekor works with the latest technology to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level. It follows the developing technology step by step and carries out the necessary R & D studies. Anka Dekor has been working with a very specialized team.

In addition to door and furniture design, PVC foils can be used in many different areas;

  1. In floor coverings; If you are bored of the flat and standard image of the parquets, Anka Decor PVC foils are for you. By covering the floor of your house with PVC foil, you will go out of your way and everyone will look at your home with admiration.
  2. Automobile applications; As is known, automobiles are produced as one color. External design of your car depends on your imagination. At this point, PVC foils will add a different kind of air to your vehicles and will make your vehicle a center of attention for everyone.
  3. Used in stationery industry; PVC foil for stationery materials is quite an important material. Because stationery products are the products that our children use constantly. Our children should stay as far away from chemical and harmful substances as possible. Because of this, PVC foil coatings are widely used because they are harmless to health in the stationery industry.

As can be seen, PVC foils can be used in countless areas from construction to stationery industry. Every day the usage area is increasing and with the developing technology, more quality PVC foils are produced. Anka decor as Turkey, we are proud to be the best supplier of PVC foils. Please visit our website and contact us to make your dreams come true.