Pvc Foil

PVC Foils is manufactured by machines called vacuum piston which press on flat surfaces and a series of lamination presses contributes in producing these segments.

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If a floor wanted to be covered, it will be used on the door stand to provide smoothness when opening and closing. The softness and hardness of the chips can be adjusted on demand. Today, PVC FOIL is the most widely used adhesive for digital printing. These chips are easily attached wherever you want without the need for other materials to be glued. PVC FOIL  is used in many areas such as interior design, interior advertisements, shoplifting and cars' covering. It is impossible to use this chips in the open air because their color can be changed because of the sunlight's effect. The chips can be cut and shaped as desired by specific machines. You can specify the color and shape you want. PVC FOIL is made of materials does not cause any harm to health, so it is also suitable for use in medical fields. It is easy to clean and dust or bacteria does not stick to it easily as well as being water resistant.

These chips are used in furniture in general in covering doors and wooden furniture.

The edges of the doors are covered with PVC FOIL. There are many different types, models and colors suitable for your home designs. These chips are durable in terms of cleanness, aesthetics or exposure to water. The new generation of decorative covers has high properties against stain resistance and scratch resistance. These products are available in different sets of suitcases and a wide range of materials. These chips are used in the development of sheeting, waterproofing of roofs and infrastructure, insulation in swimming pools and surface covering. Thermoplastic plastic is used in the form of several molds that are reshaped under high temperature.

  • PVC is one of the most widely used plastic types in the world and is used at a high rate in developing countries, the average annual growth rate is 3%. All kinds of PVC are highly preferred for use in terms of price, reliability and durability.

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Producers of PVC Films

Producers of PVC Films The PVC foilsproduced by the PVC foils manufacturers are suitable for design according tothe colors, models and sizes desired. In the past,and  at the time being, PVC foils with their high popularity they have left nochoice for manufacturers but to be one of the most produced materials. PVC filmproduction process is
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Types of PVC FOILS

Types of PVC FOILS PVC foil is an environmentally friendly and affordable product, used in many fields without any harm to health. Over the years, due to the accumulation of experience and the development of technology, the types and designs of this product have also increased. As one of the most popular materials for use,
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Packaging using PVC Film

Packaging using PVC Film PVC FILM packaging is made by compression systems and adhesive chemicals. In packaging systems, one of the most important points to focus on is synchronization so that no interference occurs. These systems are easy to clean and have good external appearance. Nowadays, packaging by PVC film has become more economical and