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PVC foil is the most preferred product with many known properties and advantages. As it is preferred, its features are known to be easy materials and are sold at reasonable rates as a price.
PVC يتم تقسيم شرائح ال ,PVC رقائق ال

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Pvc MEMBRAN Foils are used

 Pvc Membrane Foils are used

  • External and internal window profiles
  • Lam Interior coatings
  • Furniture surfaces
  •  Nonflammable foils
  •  Automobile applications
  •  Floor coverings


Pvc Films
  • PVC foil coverings provide the possibility of covering the product with various coatings depending on the structure of the place where you want to cover, for example, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living and commercial areas.
  • things you need to consider when choosing between suppliers of PVC foils are materials used by manufacturers in Turkey. ANKA decor shows the difference between PVC foil suppliers in Turkey in a very good way.
  • PVC foils are materials that are easy to use, free of dirt and bacteria, and have a nice design. You can supply PVC foils with the desired color and design from ANKA DEKOR, which is a PVC foil supplier in Turkey.
  • ANKA decor brand has lost itself to the speed of technology day by day because it follows new developments and innovations, it is possible to get a modern look in designs.
  • PVC foil types are divided into door and cover foils. PVC foil types used for doors are used as mats. In the PVC foil types used for the cover, it is possible to use super matte, matte and glossy varieties.
  • Matte varieties are usually wood-patterned and can give a pearl appearance. Glossy cover models can be pearl, wood pattern, solid color, hologram, silvery or 3 sizes. According to your tastes and preferences, you can order from the ANKA decor, which is a PVC foil supplier, in any size you want.
  • with varying stiffness, in a variety of materials and structures transparent and colored PVC foil PVC foil supplier of Turkey in the ANKA, it is possible to find the decor. The construction of PVC foils can be terminated by material lamination, printing, and HF welding.
  • . Its smooth and stable surfaces make it an ideal substrate to cover it with decorative paper or PVC foils. The absence of surface layers and cavities of well-compressed fibers allows the use of thin or light films without the risk of appearance defects resulting from any demonstration of the substrate.
  • It is possible to find PVC foils that are very nice and visually beautiful at an affordable price. You can choose our products that do not contain any dust and do not show any need for cleaning.
  • Our products, which do not present any problems in terms of health, can be used with the utmost comfort because they are produced from high-quality materials.
  • They are also environmentally friendly products. They are convertible. If you want to take a look at our PVC foil models, you can browse the variety of our page and get information from us.

Pvc Foil Turkey

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