PVC Foil For Furniture

with waterproof and fire resistant PVC models, the Membran models which are completely hygienic and very useful to prevent bacteria come in the first class in terms of use. Membrane foil is designed specifically to prevent water impact and stains. While most materials are affected by water and swell, the Membran folyo models are long lasting and are available in many colors.

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Pvc Membrane Foil Furniture

PVC Foil For Furniture

The wood series is the perfect combination of materials, design and application performance. These self-adhesive foils, made of PVC, are an excellent feature for covering surfaces such as wood, plastic, metal and smooth surfaces. PVC foils for furniture have a high thickness that allows a good feeling of touch as well as seeing the surface. It is very similar to natural wood. Like all self-adhesive films, including the PVC foil wood series for furniture, the heating system allows you to easily model and apply edges or corners in challenging areas, the adhesive used is not immediately set to 100% but allows you to remove and reposition the film. The Rosewood Matt model is of medium color with a contrasting colored stripe, which in essence combines the essence as in nature, and its coloring is even more remarkable with other foil models such as white or light wood. The matte surface is in the vertical direction with respect to the smoothness of the touch, the length of the vessel coil. Deco foil 3D PVC pavements are available in a variety of coatings to enable the design of the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living and commercial areas where the product is visually completed.

2D versions of vinyl can be used for profile wrapping. Deco foil applied to MDF expands furniture design possibilities. Want to add a touch of creativity that works in the mill house or office? There are many PVC foil pads in the market that can help you turn any ordinary surface into something spectacular within a few hours. A new generation of PVC decorative film, the LG Deco Foil comes with convenient features such as stain resistance, UV resistance, and scratch resistance. LG PVC Deco foil is available in Anka Dekor with a variety of colors, patterns, and finishes that allow you to design your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living space and commercial spaces in a magnificent way. LG Deco Foils are also available in 3D and 2D versions. If you are looking for an easy-to-use PVC application for three-dimensional surfaces, LG 3D Deco foil is an ideal option. LG 3D Deco foil is used for membrane pressing or vacuum forming to laminate fiber boards.

The LG 3D Deco Foil, a PVC decorative film, can be coated with a primer to provide reverse durability while allowing you to coat any furniture surface with scratch-resistant or semi-gloss surfaces. PVC foil high-performance coating layers for furniture ensure that the furniture surfaces are scratch-resistant, moisture resistant. It is designed for 3D laminating on pre-conditioned medium density fiber boards (MDF). Wounds of PVC foils used for furniture;

  • Scratch resistance
  • Stain resistance
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Easy application

Application of PVC Foils

2D versions of PVC Decorative Foils are ideal for profile wrapping and flat wrapping. High-performance 2D Deco foil layers protect furniture surfaces from scratches, smudges and moisture. It guarantees the durability of your kitchen and bathroom furniture. Flat lamination, profile wrapping, lamination of cabinet surface, molding and frames, ceiling and wall panels are available. The benefits of 2D foils include high-level surface protection, durability, and easy cleaning. Anka decor is used for the decoration of your house or any area you want to produce in the color, pattern, and design you want. Since our products are manufactured from high-quality materials, the products which are already intact remain with you for many years.

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